Welcome to the studio of Jennifer J. Martin

who is an award-winning author and photographer

Her book, Star Child: A Mother's Journey Through Grief, reflects her personal journey following the death of her son. Star Child received both the Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice Awards from the publisher, iUniverse. In the fall 2000 San Antonio Writer's Guild contest she was the recipient of:

  • First place award for fiction, a novel, Heaven's Stone
  • First place non-fiction for Healing Clay, and
  • The Lorraine Berenson Memorial Award (Best Non-Fiction) for Healing Clay.

Martin is currently at work on a rewrite of her novel, Heaven's Stone, which takes place in both San Antonio, Texas and parts of Mexico.

hatsHer photography reflects her love of Mexican culture and the warm, bright colors one associates with San Miguel de Allende Mexican markets, Old Woman Walking Yucatán gardens and the streets of Mérida and other favorite Mexico destinations.

Martin is intrigued by many other cultures and delights in finding images that speak to her personally.

Fotoseptiembre Event 2010: Cruzando Fronteras

"Jennifer Martin crosses the border with enthusiasm and a camera. An accomplished writer and photographer, Jennifer's passion for bright colors is evident in all her work. Her San Miguel de Allende series illustrates the colorful streets and markets of this favorite town in Mexico..."

Becky Barrera, owner
Tres Rebeccas
San Antonio, Texas